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Yetholme Off Grid Project

10.4kw PV, 8Kw ViTech Power Multi Mode inverter, 6×3.55kwh SIRIUS Battery, 7000VA Petrol Generator with ATS function

Site Location: Yetholme

This is an upgrade project. Customer had the exisitng PV, inverter, battery and generator setup already. After 13 months, the original inverter did not work anymore. They tried to contact the original installer and equipment supplier. However no luck, they were told the inverter came with 12month warranty and it would not be covered after 12 month. They turned to Large Solar Installs Kelso, one of our retailers for help. Because of the bad experience before, customer cared very much the warranty period of the product. According to the existing system size, Large Solar Installs proposed the ViTech Power Multi Mode inverter to miminise the change of the exsitng system also provide extra auto-start generator function.  The most important is that all the Vitech Power multi mode inverters come with 5 years product warranty for both off grid stand alone applications and grid connected applications. Customer can also choose to buy 5 years extension warranty to make it total 10 years warranty.