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5 reasons to switch to home energy storage

It is evident all around us that things are changing. Societies are evolving, priorities are shifting and issues once ignored can be ignored no longer.

Renewable energy is one of those things. It is something to be adopted now so that we all have a better future.

The environment is on the agenda. In a big way. We all must do our part to reduce our environmental footprint to ensure sustainability for future generations.

Home solar energy storage is a growing trend in Australia and overseas. Used in conjunction with solar panels, the storage system allows you to store energy during the day to be used at night.

More and more, clients are seeing the long term potential of investing in solar energy storage and maximising this return on investment.

Volta Energy System has put together 5 key benefits of investing in home energy storage.

1.Save money

Depending on your current home energy infrastructure and long term property goals, investing in home energy storage could provide significant financial dividends in both the short and long term.

Volta Energy System can advise on your best strategy to ensure maximum return on investment. We assess your current state of play and can help you understand the timeline involved to ensure a great rate of return.

Some clients can save up to 90% of their energy bills.

2.Help the environment

Many of our clients are driven by a desire to reduce their environmental footprint.
Home energy storage can reduce or eliminate dependency on the electricity grid which has a positive impact on the environment.

3.Government information and rebates

The Australian Government has long understood the need to move in this direction. There are several Government agencies which assist in providing incentives and information about switching to renewable energy.

Find out more about renewable power incentives.

Also check if your state or territory government offers a suitable grant scheme.

4.Easy to use

Our lithium ion batteries are easy to use.

This is part of their appeal and is one of the reasons they have grown in popularity over recent years.

Volta Energy System provides step-by-step guidelines about how to use battery storage and our team are available to answer any questions which might arise.

5.Versatile and durable

Take the battery with you when you move house.

Light, durable and even attractive to the eye. These batteries have come a long way since they first arrived on the market.

Word of mouth plays a role in the uptake of home energy batteries and clients often describe how they liked the compact and portable design of Volta Energy System batteries.

Want to know more?

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